Long Road

It’s been a rough road the last couple of months with Denver’s near death experience and all. But I think we’ve made it through! After discovering that Denver was suddenly in renal failure, I didn’t know what to do. Logically, I knew that the chances of his recovery were not good, but my heart just couldn’t give up on him without at least knowing for sure. And am I glad I made the decision to continue with testing!

With his condition deteriorating by the day, a specialist tested his cortisol levels in hopes that would shed some light on the situation since every other test had been inconclusive. When the results came back, it was discovered that his adrenal glands weren’t producing enough of the hormone cortisol that helps the body regulate stress. That led to a diagnosis of Addison’s Disease. The great part is that Addison’s is totally treatable with a once monthly injectable medication and occasional steroids.

The concern was how much damage has been done to his kidneys that isn’t reversible. But I’m happy to report that after almost a month on the prenisone we repeated his blood work yesterday and his kidney function is completely normal! It’s still going to be a long road of vet visits, pills, and a special diet, but he’s worth it. He is really a wonderful dog and it makes me so happy to think about Allison growing up with him to play with (or chase after).

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