Dear Mommy Brain…

The hubbs was home today and thought it would be a great idea to take a family nap…  even though we were having people over for dinner in 5 hours and there was a long list of things to finish before then…  I agreed that a short nap was much needed, but you wouldn’t let me sleep.  First there was the reminder that the dog had a vet appointment at 3p.  Then there was baking the sugar cookies for dessert.  Not to mention the bathrooms that needed to be cleaned, the floors that needed to be vacuumed, and the diapers that needed to be stuffed.  All in 5 hours! 

But men’s brains are different.  They don’t care if there is dried pee on the toilets or crusted milk on the wall.  But being in this house the majority of the day makes those drops of pee all the more conspicuous…  and aggravating.  There is always something that needs cleaning or fixing or cooking and there just isn’t enough time in the day.  So, now I’m up and instead of printing off the cookie recipe, I’m playing on the computer.  Which was definitely not on my to do list, but maybe it was what I needed more than a nap.  I don’t know, but I better get baking.

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