Chocolate Frosted Donuts: The Gateway Drug

A couple of days ago, I posted regarding my run-in with some chocolate frosted donuts.  And I guess like many drug addictions, you never realize how far you’ve fallen until you hit rock bottom.  And rock bottom, my friends, is a Reese’s Pieces chocolate muffin and 32oz Dr. Pepper for breakfast. 

And the worst part of my breakfast choice?  I actually rationalized that the muffin was a better food choice than a chocolate long john!!  Who am I kidding?  I’m sick.  I need help.

I want to climb into my shame hole and find refuge in a McDonalds double cheeseburger. This week has been filled with fast food lunches, tossed aside meal plans, vending machine binges, and midnight marshmallow snacks.  I’m not proud of myself. 

And starting tomorrow, I will be detoxing.

The plan is to fill my kitchen with beautiful produce, healthy homemade snacks, and wholesome meal plans.  And to remove temptation by having convenient, healthful foods at the ready.  I can’t wait.

But…  Do I smell fries?  Mmmm…  I did say I was starting tomorrow…

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