The Food Nazi

Alright, Folks.  Things are going to get a little personal up in here.  So, if you’re not all that comfortable with your digestive system, you might want to avert your eyes. 

But first, a little background…  Many of the blogs I follow have a strong emphasis on consuming real, wholesome food.  And they tout the health benefits of this dietary lifestyle.  And I agree whole-heartedly that all the processed junk in our society does absolutely nothing positive for our bodies.  But the stakes are a bit higher for me.

I have Crohn’s Disease.  And 10 years and two surgeries later, I don’t have the option of eating many pre-packaged foods.  Unless I want to suffer the consequences.  (Which I’m certainly willing to face should we be talking about, say, ice cream.)

Case in point…  This morning I was running late (again) and I was scrambling to get out the door for work.  Without anything ready to grab and go, I thought, eh, I’ll just figure it out later.  So, I get to work (7 minutes late) and decided to hit up the vending machine. 

Enter chocolate frosted donuts.  I don’t know what I was thinking.  They are chock full of preservatives and chemical additives.  Not to mention 23 grams of fat, sugar as the first ingredient, and absolutely no nutritional value.  And about 15 minutes later, I realized I could’ve just thrown them in the toilet and saved myself the calories. 

And as a busy (now working) mom, I can understand the appeal of convenience foods.  I mean, they are convenient.  But not much else.  Certainly not good for you.  And honestly, not all that tasty even.

And sure, I could do more to enhance my consumption of healthful foods.  (I don’t think you’ll see me sprouting grains any time soon.)  But ensuring the availablity of nutritious real food at home is my first priority.  So, read labels, keep lots of produce on hand, and take 30 minutes to bake some muffins.  Your colon will thank you.

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