Adventures in Housekeeping

Yesterday I was feeling quite disappointed in myself as I was reading this amazingly informative blog on how to maintain a clean house.  I thought about the laundry list of things left undone at home and I could feel myself climbing into my shame hole as I obsessed about the 1″ thick layer of dust on my dresser.  And I started drafting a post.  It was kinda funny.  Definitely self-depricating (as many of them are).  And overall, very negative.  I couldn’t post it.

I went home and commenced my normal routine of greeting my sweet baby girl and starting dinner.  As I’m cooking the sloppy joes, my mother in law (aka the nanny) asked me, “Don’t you hate cooking dinner after coming home from work?”  And my answer was “Not if I have a plan.”

So, why should creating a plan for housework be any different from a meal plan? 

And with my new found determination (and a little help from a 20oz Dr. Pepper), I started to tackle the source of much of my cleaning guilt…  The bedroom.  I told myself I was only going to dust.  But that turned into some purging/organizing.  And then carpet cleaning.  And baseboard dusting.  Then before long, the room looked cleaner than it had in months.

To my surprise, it only took an hour or so of my time.  And it was certainly more gratifying than watching Dancing with the Stars.

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