Apologetic Monday

The entire holiday weekend I had these fantastic ideas for posts floating in (and out) of my head.  And here it is Monday, and I don’t even have a meal plan to offer you.

Truth be told, after spending a good portion of the weekend in the kitchen, I’m done.  We have enough leftovers from yesterday’s Round 2 Thanksgiving to last the better part of the week and I’m going to enjoy that.  And considering the munchkin is getting over a slight bout of the stomach flu and isn’t particularly interested in eating anything other than crackers, I’m not gonna worry about it.

So I’m hoping to do a little regrouping tonight and will get some substantive content up tomorrow.  And hopefully this raging headache will have subsided by then.  (Courtesy of my daughter and her ridiculously hard head slamming 60 mph into my nose.)

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