Dinner Under 20: Enchiladas

Last Friday we attempted our first “At Home Date Night.”  The point is to feed the munchkin something easy for dinner and then after bedtime, we can have a quiet dinner undistracted by monkeys climbing out of highchairs.  But with me not getting home from work until 530 and then having to drop my car off at the shop, we didn’t really get to have the full experience.  Nonetheless, I had planned a grown-up dinner.  Meaning a meal that wasn’t geared for a child’s palette.*  And considering we were short on time anyway, I guess everything worked out pretty smoothly.  So, throw this one in your recipe box for nights when you have a million things to do before 7p.  Heh.  Like that isn’t every night, right?

Cheesy Beef Enchiladas
1 cup shredded beef (I used left overs from roast beef sandwiches)
4 tortillas
1/2 cup enchilada sauce
shredded cheese

This really couldn’t be easier, folks.  Matter of fact, the “recipe” isn’t even necessary. 

Grab a tortilla and dip both sides in the enchilada sauce.  You could even put the kids to work doing this.  Then spread some beef down the middle of the tortilla.  Feel free to use ground beef, shredded chicken, or whatever else you like in your enchiladas.  And roll ’em up side by side in a pyrex dish.  Like cigars.  Add a little more enchilada sauce then top with cheese.  As much as you want.  My husband did the cheesing, so you couldn’t actually see the enchiladas below.  But I was kinda okay with that.  Then here’s the best part.  Nuke ’em!  For about 10 minutes.  Since everything is already cooked, you just need to heat them through.  Now if you have something against microwaves, you won’t hurt my feelings if you throw them in the oven.  But who doesn’t like dinner ready to eat in under 20 minutes?

*Note that I only had HOT enchilada sauce on hand, so that’s why I wasn’t about to feed these to my kid.  She’s a wuss and can’t handle the heat. Which was confirmed after she bit into a cayenne pepper last night.  It wasn’t pretty. 

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