Thankful Thursday

And so I continue my expression of gratitude…  in no particular order. 

I have to say that or my husband might get upset.  He gets sensitive when the dog gets more attention than he does. 

I’m feeling especially fond of my husband today.  Not that I’m not always fond of him.  And I think he’d agree that we may not always like each other, but we always love each other.  We’re cool like that.

But he’s typically a hands-off kinda guy.  Meaning that he lets me hold the reigns about 95% of the time.  And I’m good with that.  My OCD demands a little more control over the day-to-day.  But today was one of those moments that I thanked my lucky stars for him. 

You may recall from Monday’s post, I had a little phone mishap over the weekend.  Well, after five days without a working cell phone, I’m still in Verizon purgatory.  And I’m about to chuck this stupid piece of technology off a bridge and move off the grid where I will never need to use a phone again.  And he sensed that.  He’s great at dealing with my crazy.

So, in order to avoid the ugly process of moving out to the middle of nowhere and learning how to milk cows and generate our own fuel, he jumped in and started removing things from my overflowing plate.  Without me knowing.  Which ordinarily would send me into a crazy fit.  But today, it was a godsend. 

So, thank you for taking care of the insurance policy.  Thank you for cleaning out the fridge.  And thank you for marrying me.  Because I know that I come with a lot of baggage.   Without you, I’d be hiding in the closet in the fetal position, Sybil-style.  You calm me.  You make me a better person.

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