Thankful Thursday

For those of you that remember anything from high school English class, you might be able to look back on yesterday’s post as foreshadowing…  Dun dun dun.  I know, how dare I bring up high school two days in a row?!  But I promise, that’s the last time. 

Trying to be a good little planner, I’ve been working on a vague list of future posts.  And by list, I mean mental notes of ideas that usually come to me when I’m in the bathroom. 

But for Thankful Thursdays, I went as far as writing three words on a post-it note.  “Home,” Health,” and “Family.”  Like I said.  Vague.

But I guess I’ve had autoimmunity on the brain.  Not like I don’t always have it on the back of my mind.  That’s what happens when you’re lucky enough to be part of the autoimmune disease club.  And I’m extra special because I play on two teams.  I guess that makes me pretty lucky.

And truthfully, I am lucky.  Despite the severity of my Crohn’s, I live a pretty normal life.  Every once in awhile, I’ll have a bad day.  Usually caused by doing something stupid.  Like eating copious amounts of ice cream or McDonalds.  But my daily life isn’t limited by my disease.  Until there is a flare up.  That’s when I feel like I’m getting zapped by a Proton Pack.  (Don’t cross the streams!!) 

As for the MS…  Most of the 6 years I’ve been living with the disease, I haven’t really noticed it being there.  Until after I had the baby.  Then things tanked.  But still, it’s not like I couldn’t walk.  I just woke up one morning and was numb from the chest down.  And eventhough it’s still there after 8 months, I can still function pretty normally.  And most of the time I forget about it.  I like to think that the reason I can’t see is because my contact prescription isn’t right.  And that could be completely accurate.  Or it could be optic neuritis.  Sometimes ignorance is bliss.

But I am reminded everyday how lucky I am to be in marginal health.  Because more than likely, neither one of these diseases is potentially going to kill me.  And that puts me ahead of so many less fortunate people.

So when you start whining about having the flu this February (even though you got the flu shot), think about the millions of people out there that are just battling for another day on this earth.  It puts things in perspective real quick.

And I apologize for being such a downer.  Go get some ice cream.  It’ll make you feel better.  It always works for me.  And it’s totally worth being “Ghostbusted.”

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