Christmas Predictions

Just call me Nostradamus, because I’m about to predict some catastrophic Christmas disasters this year…


#1  The Christmas cards I ordered last week have still not arrived.  And yes, I know, ordering Christmas cards the week before Christmas was not my best moment.  However, in my defense, the picture we had originally planned on using ended up being terrible (see Fail #2), so we went with plan B.  Which was a non-Christmasy picture of my adorable child sitting on a pumpkin…  A PUMPKIN!  Maybe I’ll just hope for the cards to get lost in the mail so I can forget the entire thing.

#2  Santa is an evil man.  He made my child cry.  In front of a camera.  That was supposed to take our fantastic Christmas card picture.  But to be fair, we did not intend to visit Santa on this particular day, but decided to jump on the chance to avoid waiting in line for 2 hours.  Because waiting in line with a toddler is the worst kind of hell.  And on top of that, the kid has been a cranky mess for like the last 2 months.  Not fun.

On the up side, at least we got it done.  Crying or not.  Last year we went on Christmas Eve and had to see the crappy Santa.  He was wearing a red suit, but that was about the only resemblance to the big guy.  He must’ve been about 5’4″ and 115lbs with a white wig on his head and face.  I’m all about equal opportunity employment, but really?

#3  Some years I am a total rock star at thinking of gifts and other years….  Well, this is one of those years.  And my biggest problem?  The hubs. Last night I even asked him if he wanted to skip the whole thing.  This was after deciding last week that we were only doing stockings.  So, if anyone has any great stocking stuffer ideas, please email me.  I’m desperate. 

#4  Four words.  Kale and Potato Puree.  Sounds like baby food, right?  Well, I’m serving it on Christmas Eve.  And I’m incredibly scared despite all the rave reviews that I have read.  But I’m trying to introduce new dishes.  I’m sure Matt will hate it, but hopefully it won’t be fed to the dog while I have my back turned.  Check back for the postmortem on that one…


#1  I am a cookie genius.  At the cookie party this year, I was introduced to Dorie Greenspan’s recipe for chocolate cut-out cookies.  And I thought, now wouldn’t that be good with peppermint?  And maybe dipped in melted chocolate?  So, I present to you the homemade thin mint cookie.
(The little gingerbread guys are also from the same recipe since one of my logs wouldn’t slice right.  I’m thinking royal icing would be good way to finish them.  But I’m not really so good at finishing things.  I’ll give myself half credit for that one.)
#2  I have managed to fulfill my goal of not stepping foot in a shopping mall since before Thanksgiving.  It just never ends well.  Now, I have had to battle the masses at Target, but the worst part of it was my impatient toddler.  Or maybe she just distracted me from the madness.  Either way we survived.
Initially, I had intended to focus on more hand-crafted gifts, however, I quickly discovered that is near impossible.  Especially when a 7 year old that has everything is on your list.  But I did get a couple hand me downs and Craigslist items for my own kid and I feel pretty good about that.
#3  Our Christmas decorations did turn out to be pretty bad ass.  Of course, we put up the usual tree, however, this year we also did a miniature tree downstairs.  It has colored lights and matching ornaments with mirrored garland.  It makes my OCD happy.  And the kid hasn’t broken an ornament yet.  Which is one less than me.
And I’ll stop there.  Come back next week for the postmortem.  I’m sure you’re all dying to hear how the green goop tasted.
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4 Responses to Christmas Predictions

  1. Kristy says:

    Yes, dying to hear about the green goop! :) And the Santa picture…poor baby. Mine let out a blood curdling scream when Santa stepped as near as 5 feet away, so I knew a picture wasn't happening. And my oldest is 7…yep, not a single Santa picture all these years :)

  2. Julie K says:

    I like the pictures. See I just don't want to do Santa with my child,unborn, but doesn't seem worth it. I am thinking that we will both be tramatized.

  3. Jen @ Dear Mommy Brain says:

    Ah, but tramatization makes for some good memories…

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