Meal Planning Monday

Made it just under the wire!  And I had honestly made my peace with not posting today.  Or possibly tomorrow.  But I’m waiting on my ancient washing machine to finish the diapers so I can go to bed, so I thought it was a sign that a post was meant to be.

This week our goal is to clean out the fridge.  It is over-flowing with tons of random crap that needs to be consumed.  And with Matt working overnights all week, dinner is going to be pretty unstructured since I have no idea if he will even be awake for it.  So here’s a rough idea.  (Subject to change at any moment.)

Monday:  BBQ Chicken Sandwiches

Tuesday:  BLTs

Wednesday:  Christmas Dinner: Round 2 with the in-laws

Thursday:  Brinner (breakfast for dinner)

Friday:  Clean out the Fridge Night (Because if some of this food is still there on Saturday, it will prolly grow legs and walk itself to the trash.)

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One Response to Meal Planning Monday

  1. Heather Solos says:

    I feel your pain. My husband works rotating shifts and our dinners tend to be served more casually when it's just the kids and I. Hang in there.