Meal Planning… Tuesday??

On Saturday I cleaned out the fridge.  And I showed no mercy.  We had put forth our best efforts to eat up what was leftover and there was still a mountain of crap in there.  I suspect much of our problem was that we couldn’t actually see what was remaining due to the overflow of leftovers.

Our food waste sacrifices were as follows…  A small chunk of cauliflower that had seen better days.  Half a head of cabbage that I kept telling myself I’d use, but the truth is I don’t really like cabbage.  A scant 1/4 cup of pumpkin puree that I had no idea what to do with.  A container of guacamole that had turned an awful shade of brown.  Half a serving of roast beef hash.  And a leftover lunch from who knows when with a couple bites of pork chop, mashed potatoes, and peas.

There was a little remorse about my food waste, however, I felt renewed by my clean and organized fridge.  And I actually found a few items that I had forgotten about after they were buried in the chaos of Thanksgiving fare.

Once we were finished, the kitchen was a little bare and we were severly lacking in some basics.  Like bread, milk, eggs, and cheese.  So, we couldn’t cook much.  That’s why we went to the grocery store last night when I got home instead of making dinner. 

And just a little advice…  Don’t try to go to the grocery store with a toddler at 6 o’clock.  We went to the “big” Schnucks in hopes that one of the car carts would keep her entertained, but we were sorely mistaken.  She only wanted to push the entire cart around the store.  Not such a great thing in a crowded store and a ginourmous shopping cart.  So, Daddy ended up carrying the kid and I was pushing this (empty) oversized cart around frantically trying to buy groceries as fast as possible without a list.  It was ridiculous.  Never again.

Monday:  Ummmm….  Yeah.

Tuesday:  Goat Cheese Mac n Cheese

Wednesday:  BBQ Turkey Pizza

Thursday:  Baked Ziti

Friday:  Grilled Turkey and Goat Cheese Sandwiches with Cranberry Spread, Soup

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