Meal Planning Monday

Dear Blogosphere,

My sincerest apologies for my absence the last week.  Things have been a little crazy up in here, so blogging had to be put on the back burner for a bit.  On the upside, we have a dryer finally.  You don’t realize how vital modern appliances are until you are without…  But after much himming and hawing, we resisted the urge to buy a new dryer (that would include delivery) and opted for one on Craigslist.  All we had to do was bribe our neighbor with cinnamon rolls and he helped us load it in his SUV and bring it home.  Not the easiest task with several inches of snow on the ground, but definitely worth the money we saved!

So, yesterday was spent doing copious amounts of laundry and very little else.  But here is another improv meal plan for the week.  Because that’s how I roll…

Monday:  Salmon Croquettes, Spinach Salad

Tuesday:  Enchiladas (with homemade tortillas?? we’ll see about that…), Black Beans, Rice

Wednesday:  Crock Pot Chicken, Baked Potatoes, Frozen Veg TBD

Thursday:  Brinner

Friday:  BBQ Pulled Chicken Sandwiches, Baked Beans, Applesauce

Total Grocery Spending MTD: $112.29

Yes, I know that’s a big jump from last week, but there is a Trader Joe’s stop in there.  I have a short list of things I exclusively buy there and since I only go every six-ish weeks for cat food, I usually spend about $20 in groceries.  I did feel a little guilty about the almost $40 spent at Schnucks last night, but we needed some higher ticket items.  Like foil, ziploc bags, milk, and cheese.  And. I. Can. Not. Live. Without. Cheese.

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