Simple Savings: 1 Million Uses for Vinegar

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted something useful, so I thought maybe I should do that…  So here you go- a list of one million uses for plain ‘ol white vinegar.

1. Glass Cleaner

2. Counter Cleaner

9. Fabric Softener

11. Deodorizer

19. Degreaser

26. Demolder/bacterializer

45. Demineralizer

321. Bug Repellent

657. Floor Cleaner

1042. Carpet Cleaner

8374. Germ Killer

10002. Urine Neutralizer

24682. Body Soil Remover

53263. Soothe Sunburn

114079. Produce Wash

336421. Toilet Cleaner

652815. Frost Preventer

849698. Goo Remover

1000000. Drain Declogger (paired with baking soda)

I am that person that gets the weird looks from the check out lady because I buy two of the extra large bottles at a time.  But I seriously use it for EVERYTHING.  That and baking soda.  Which I’ve been made fun of multiple times for due to the equally ginormous box I keep in my pantry.

For a more detailed list check out 1001 Uses for White Distilled Vinegar.

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