How many times I can say *LOVE* in one post?

It’s that day again…  I was going to work on a recipe post, since one is long overdue, but I’m digging 5QF today.  And on this grey and rainy Friday, I’m looking forward to some blog hop fun…

1. Can you drive a stick shift?
Hellz yeah.  This is actually my first car in about 10 years that’s an automatic.  Because when we started car shopping, I was stuck on this model and we couldn’t find a Mazda Protege5 in a manual.  And we figured with a kid coming down the road, it would just be easier to drive an auto.  And while that is true, I still miss it.  And even after 2 years, I jam my left foot on the floor on occasion.
2. What are two foods you just can’t eat?
Um, are we talking foods I don’t like, or foods I can’t eat?  Because what I like and what my gut tolerates are two entirely different things.
I LOVE donuts, but the gut, not so much.  I LOVE beef stroganoff, but the gut vehemently disagrees.  I LOVE ice cream, but the gut protests.  But I tell it to shut the hell up and take it like a man, because I’m not sacrificing ice cream for no one.
As for foods I don’t care for, it’s a fairly short list.  I wish I liked olives, but they are just too briny.  Same with coffee and tea.  I just can’t acquire a taste for it.  Kinda like beer.  I’d love to be able to partake in the most readily accessible party beverage, but don’t care for the taste of sweaty, stinky socks in my mouth.
I also don’t eat veal.  I have a few moral food convictions and not eating baby animals is one of them.  I also try to avoid lamb, but when I go out for gyro’s I have to tell myself that it’s only a little.  Because I do love me some Greek food.

3. Do you buy Girl Scout Cookies? What is your favorite kind?
Along the same lines as the above question, my gut’s not such a fan.  Actually it’s not a fan of most pre-packaged foods.  So, if I have a hankering for cookies, I need to get off my lazy butt and make them myself.  Which is actually fantastic diet control.  Because my thighs?  The LOVE Tagalongs.

4. How do you pamper yourself?
I haven’t had a haircut in over a year.  Sad, I know.  But I haven’t really had the expendable income to be running around getting manicures and massages.  Although now that we have a bit more money flowing in I’m gonna go buy me some new clothes…  that fit.  That will be quite a luxury.
5. What is your nickname and how did you get it?
When I was 3 years old, I was in LOVE with Inspector Gadget.  More specifically, Penny on Inspector Gadget.  I thought she was the bomb.  And I wanted to be her.  To the point where I advised my parents that I was changing my name to Penny.  And refused to answer to anything but Penny.  Well, it stuck.  So my parents (and a couple close friends) still call me Penner…  or Penn.  I guess it could be worse.  Like the other nickname my mom calls me.  Which I refuse to admit.  EVER.
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8 Responses to How many times I can say *LOVE* in one post?

  1. Stacie says:

    Ugh, I am so lazy about getting my hair cut, I am at like over 6 months right now. And I have a hard time eating the little baby animals, too!

  2. An Irish Italian Blessing says:

    So funny! Beer = Stinky sweat socks, lol. I can't believe your tummy doesn't want ICE CREAM! I would seriously die it's sooo darn good.

  3. KentuckyGal says:

    Visiting from Five Question Friday. Yeah, if there is a Greek Food Festival within 1/2 a day's drive, my family is THERE! *lol* Feel free to visit and follow me anytime at Back Porchervations.

  4. Deanna says:

    Visiting from 5QF.

    My thighs love Tagalongs too! Whenever I have one, my thighs keep it with them forever!

  5. Sarah says:

    I learned to drive in a stick too! I missed it at first but with kids it is way easier to drive an automatic!

    (I am a new follower, I hope you have time to stop by

  6. Megan says:

    New follower. If you get the chance check out my blog.

  7. Heavenly Savings says:

    Cute Blog! I’m a new follower Happy Monday!! I would love for you to stop and take a look at my blog as well! Thanks!

  8. Courtney Fisk says:

    new follower from the hop- i hear you on the girl scout cookie…we have way to many over here.