10 Things…

1.  I am deathly afraid of bees.  I can’t even watch them on TV without getting the willies and running away screaming.  I was going to add (someone else’s) pictures to this post, but I googled “bees” and was so freaked out, I hid under my desk in the fetal position.  Needless to say, I broke up with Google.  He knows I can’t look at pictures of people covered in bees.

2.  I’m adopted.  And have never pursued a search for my biological parents.  I already have parents.  Why do I need more?

3.  I don’t lose things.  However, by saying this now, I will lose something imperative to my survival.

4.  I haven’t had a haircut in over a year.  Sad, I know.

5.  I am really good at Scrabble.  And really bad at Chess.  And if I ever get on Wheel of Fortune?  Watch out.  I’m taking home the Mercedes.  Although I’d rather have the cash.  Do you know what the taxes would be on a Mercedes??

6.  I have a distinct hatred for certain words.  Especially ones that have an “oi” sound.  I cringe at the thought of the one that starts with an “m” and ends with an “st.”  You will never hear me say it.  But on the contrary, there are also words that I love.  Like “pulse,” “breath,” and “persevere.”

7.  I’ve been told that my music collection looks like it belongs to a lesbian.  Which I am assuming is a HUGE compliment because Ani DiFranco is so frickin’ amazing that I’ve dedicated 37% of my iPods memory to her music.

8.  I still miss my last apartment.  I painted horizontal stripes down the 26′ long hallway.  It rocked my socks off.  I wish I had somewhere in my current house to paint stripes.  My husband is really glad we don’t.

9.  We are going to die in this house.  I’m emotionally fragile and I don’t think I can take getting to know a new house, with new problems.  So, I guess I will never have stripes again. 

10.  We have a cemetery behind our house.  So, the next time I do move, at least it isn’t far.  Maybe someone will paint stripes in my casket.  That would make me eternally happy. 

11.  Although I think I want to be cremated.

Today I am being featured on Talk About Me Tuesday over at The Not-So-Secret Confessions of a First Time Mom!  I hope you’ll stop by and check it out!

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18 Responses to 10 Things…

  1. An Irish Italian Blessing says:

    I haven't had a hair cut in a year either, so sad I know.

    I think it's cool that you're adopted and you're 100% happy with you parents and family, very admirable!

  2. Mrs. Sanchez says:

    Hey Jen. Came over from TT blog link and am loving your post.

    You are def. a fun read. Obviously you've got spunk and personality and enough quirks to make you totally relatable and loveable. That's my thought from the post at least.

    I think bees are a rational thing to be scared of. Just don't run when you see one, they chase. stand still and let them move on.

    Following you. :) Follow back at

  3. Blanket Buddies says:

    New follower stopping by from the Follow Me Chickadee blog hop.
    Would love for you to stop by and say hello-


  4. Julie K says:

    It's so awesome that you are being featured on other blogs. You are like for reals now!!!

  5. Kelly L says:

    I am afraid of bees – I will run like I'm on fire if one is near me.. My girls are adopted – Biggest blessing I have had..
    Following from Chickadee Tuesday Follow – would love a follow back
    I've Become My Mother
    Kelly's Ideas
    Amazing Salvation

  6. StirSpoon says:

    Racing strips on your urn, hmm…

  7. Ms. Burrito says:

    Hi, I am your new follower from Totally Tuesday BH.

    Hope you can follow me back at Kids e-Connection

  8. Kimberly says:

    I lose everything.
    and I want my body donated to a Body Farm when I die.

    my husband said no, though.

    visiting from Totally Tuesday Blog Hop
    you can visit me at:

  9. Everyone Knows Me Here says:

    Love these kinds of lists! Found you over on By Word Of Mouth Musings Travel Tuesdays. Look forward to following you!

  10. Stopping by from By Word of Mouth…oh I love that idea of stripes!! Our little cabin is knotty pine walls…no place to paint…it’s torture definitely!! And, like you, I’ll never, ever move again, so I’ll choose to be content! Love your blog and post!!

  11. Bernie says:

    You never loose anything? I’m so jealous. Heck I have been known to loose my bra. Lucky girl. The cemetery is handy to have behind the house. It must be a fun spot at Halloween! Stopping by from Travel Tuesdays.

  12. Hi there! I thought your list was really funny! I’m visiting from TTT. I’m off to read some more!

  13. […] that the state didn’t send me the title to my car when I refinanced it two years ago.   Because I don’t lose things.  I’m sure it’s part of a conspiracy to squeeze another $11 out of me. This […]

  14. Tracie says:

    My daughter is in love with Wheel of Fortune. So we watch it as a family….which drives my husband crazy, because I spend the entire time calculating how the person who just won a trip and a car just LOST money (because of the taxes). He says I’m a wonder killer.

    I think I’m just practical.

    • Jen says:

      There is nothing wrong with that! I’m not a big fan of most of the prizes, but I’d totally take a trip assuming I won some cash to go along with it. Because this momma needs a vacation. Thanks for stopping by!

  15. mom2kiddos says:

    This is funny. Saying Hi from TTT!

  16. I think I will die in my current house too. My husband had it built and loves every inch of it.

  17. Lisa Weidknecht says:

    Still like stripes? Time traveling tonight.