1 million 51 thousand 200 minutes

Two years ago, at 4 in the morning, my water broke.  6 1/2 weeks early.  Barely 4 hours later, at 7:49am, little Allison Grace was born a tiny 4lbs 2oz.

But she was tough.  Everyday she spent in the NICU she grew stronger.  And 12 days later, we brought her home.
´╗┐And we couldn’t imagine our lives without her.

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10 Responses to 1 million 51 thousand 200 minutes

  1. Samuel says:

    Happy Birthday to Allison!

  2. SJT says:

    That was me – Sam keeps being signed in and I don't know it!! :)

  3. Kristy says:

    Awww Happy Birthday to your baby girl!

  4. The Table of Promise says:

    So sweet! Happy Birthday Little One!

  5. Julie K says:

    Ahh, such a big happy girl!!!

  6. polly says:

    she's beautiful! happy birthday allison!

  7. Kelly H. says:

    Lovely! My son AJ was born 6 weeks early and weighed 4 lbs, 4 oz!!!!

    Hope that you will follow me back!

  8. jeanette_huston@yahoo.com says:

    I am following you on google connect from "Boost My Blog Friday"! Cute blog;-)




    Jeanette Huston

  9. Not a Perfect Mom says:

    she's so beautiful!
    I can't believe how tiny she was in that carseat, I would have been scared to hold her…haha

  10. Anna says:

    She's beautiful! Hope she had a great birthday:)