I wanted to reach out to all my commenters on yesterday’s post and shout out a big, “THANK YOU!”  And since Blogger doesn’t like to make that real easy via comments, I thought I’d go this route.  Because I really appreciate you all for reading and offering your support in our War on Debt and I want the world to know how awesome you are.  I love you all more than my luggage.

I also wanted to tell you that I’ve mulled over all your ideas/suggestions (at 3am when Matt’s alarm woke me up) and I think I’ve got a system that might work better for us.  Granted, my thoughts are not so clear in the middle of the night, so it may require some additional tweaking…

Step 1:  Switch to cash for incidental purchases.  Things like grabbing food on the go, sodas, cigarettes.  This will pretty much be our QuikTrip budget.  We go to QT a lot.  But once the cash is gone, we’ll have to find another way to fuel our vices.  That will be a struggle, I’m sure.

Step 2:  Create better practices for watching our spending.  I use Microsoft Money and love it.  I can import all of our accounts and it will do all my calculations, account balancing, and even cash flow projections for me.  I’ve never really gotten the hang of the budget function, big surprise, but the projections are fantastic for planning larger bills and purchases.  The downside?  I don’t like to sit at the computer for extended periods of time.  Probably because that’s what I do at work all day.  So, I end up going through bills about every few months, or when creditors start calling to find out why I haven’t paid that bill they sent me three months ago.  Whoops.  *head/desk*

Step 3:  Set up concrete savings goals.  We recently switched to a new banking platform that has all kinds of fancy-schmancy financial features.  It might even be cooler than Microsoft Money.  Time will tell.  It is a network of three accounts- a spend account, a reserve account, and a growth account.  The reserve account acts like an intermediary checking/saving account so that the money is there and accessible, but it’s still separate.  And that’s what I like.  It also has a money flow calendar, spending analysis tools, and saving goals.  I’m still playing around with the set-up, but feel like it will organize my thoughts money much more effectively than my current lack of system.

The main thing I’ve discovered is that for a system to work, it’s got to be easy.  And by going with cash for select expenses, that’s a lot less transactions I need to reconcile.  By using the new banking platform, I will have access to data anywhere, not just on my PC in the basement.

The next step will be sitting down with Matt and prioritizing our savings goals.  Sounds like a fun Friday night at our house!

*I have also installed Commentluv and am looking for some feedback.  Is it easier/harder to comment?  Hopefully, this will allow me to connect with my followers easier, but I want to hear what you think!

**Commentluv appears to only be showing up once you go to the actual post page, so if you would like to leave a comment, please click on the post title.  I am working on this kink and hope to have a resolution very soon.

***Commentluv has been uninstalled.  Sorry, but this post is kinda jacked up now, so if you would like to leave a comment, feel free to use yesterday’s post to share your thoughts.  And if you know of a better plugin for Blogger comments, I’m taking suggestions.

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