Conversations of Futility

Me:  Do you have any cash left?

Matt:  A little, why?

Me:  I was just asking to see if that’s enough of an allowance.

Matt:  Back up off my money.

Me:  I wasn’t going to take your money…  I just wanted to see if it was enough, not enough, too much…

Matt:  No, it wasn’t enough.  Gimme more.

Me:  You just said you still have some left.  Don’t lie to your wife.  You’re going to hell for that.

Matt:  But I paid cash for the milk, cheese, and tortillas I bought yesterday.

Me:  Why?

Matt:  Because I debited a carton of cigarettes.  I was trying to balance it out.

Me:  I told you that’s what the cash was for.  It’s coming out of next week’s allowance.

Matt:  I’ll go to the ATM and get more.

Me:  I’ll take your debit card.  You’ll never find it.

Matt:  I’ll go to the bank and get a new one.

Me:  Not if I tell them not to.

The End.

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5 Responses to Conversations of Futility

  1. Laura says:

    Hola!….I am following you through Boost my Blog Friday…your post is toooo funnnnyyy!!!!..LOVE IT!

  2. Julie K says:

    Soooo that can't be the end. What is to follow. Why isn't he cooperating?

  3. Jen @ Dear Mommy Brain says:

    Oh, yes. That was the end. Well, he may have said "you can't do that" or something to that effect but I think it was funnier without it. I'll probably get back at him by debiting lunch today and taking it out of his allowance next week. Because that's how we roll.

  4. Ellie-A Little of This and a Little of That says:

    I'm your newest follower from the Boost My Blog Friday Blog Hop. Also following on Facebook & Twitter. If you get a minute please drop by and follow back. Have a wonderful week!

  5. Nancy says:

    Hi! You have a busy week!
    I'm a new follower from the hop!
    Hope you can follow back!

    I have a Smashbox giveaway starting at midnight tonight! Hope you will enter!