Here Lies a Hoarder.

Two posts in one day?  WTH, right?  I was kinda feeling that this milestone might deserve a small mention.

My site isn’t so great on the SEO stuff, so imagine my surprise when I see my blog was found by searching Google!

So, of all the things I’ve done, said, and written, I will be now known best as a hoarder.  Hoo-ray.

However, that’s not my only reason for posting again today.  I want to give you all a heads up on the awesomeness planned for the rest of the week.

I will be doing a daily series on my daughter’s Dora the Explorer birthday party.  Because I just thought it was super amazing.  And she’s super amazing.  And our family and friends are super-duper amazing.  Plus there was very little party planning inspiration to be found on the interwebz and I just know that every 2 year old dreams of having a Dora birthday party. 

Here’s the schedule:

Tuesday: Invitations

Wednesday: Favors

Thursday: Party clothes

Friday: Food/Cake

Remember to come back everyday this week for a new installment of Party Planning: Toddler Edition!

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2 Responses to Here Lies a Hoarder.

  1. Work, Wife, Mom... Life! says:

    i did a week of bday stuff awhile back, where i showed decorations, gift bags, cake, etc!! would love to see yours!

    and thanks for stopping by today!! 😉

  2. Kerri says:

    Found you from One + One = 4 blog hop. Thanks for the tutorial! I'm planning my son's party (in June which I know is really far away but it always seems to sneak up on me) and this'll be great for some personal touch. Can't wait to see the posts for the rest of the week!