I’ve been meaning to Tuesday

Things I’ve been meaning to do…
1. Cut down the dead plants in our yard.  There are more in the front yard.  I’m kinda afraid that if I cut them down they won’t come back.  I’m a paranoid gardener.
2.  Refinish this table I bought off Craigslist over a year ago.  Which has been waiting in limbo because we can’t agree on a color.  (Not because I’m lazy and just don’t want to do it…)  Matt wants it to stay “wood” color and I want to paint it black.  Mostly because it’s easier.  And matching stain is a pain in the arse.  What do you think blogosphere?


3.  Seal the leaks in our ducts that have been spewing wasted heat/air conditioning since we moved in…  3 1/2 years ago.  (Don’t ask me about this photo.  This was my ghetto fabulous way of “fixing” the large hole cut into the return air duct that might or might not need to be there.)  Note: Duct tape is not actually good for sticking to ducts.  I got one step closer to making the repairs when I bought the correct tape… 7 months ago.
4.  Paint this pet bowl holder I built…  Wait for it…  8 years ago!  Do I win a procrastination prize for that one??
Malibu the Devil Cat

**Update: Since deciding to link up with I’m a Lazy Mom for this post, I have cut down the dead plants in the front yard.  Because they were obscuring my tulips that are starting to break ground.  It’s progress, yes?

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8 Responses to I’ve been meaning to Tuesday

  1. Stacey says:

    Ahahaha! Love the last one!! I think you may win!

    P.S. Paint the table black.
    P.P.S. Thanks for linking up!

    The Lazy Mom wuz here.

  2. Kristy says:

    Yep, paint the table black. My mom recently wanted to paint her bathroom vanity (which was "wood" color) black and all the men in the family disagreed. The women, of course, encouraged her. Well, she went for it and it looks fabulous. Even the men agree now

  3. Jen @ Dear Mommy Brain says:

    My quandry is that it actually is a solid wood table. However, the mismatched hutch we have is not. I thought I could paint both and they would look like they kinda match? But painting solid wood does pain me a little…

  4. DIAPERS in the DESERT says:

    I have been slowly painting our furniture black so they all match. I think you should totally paint your table black… we are in the same situation here. My hubby doesn't want me to touch our table because it's real wood…even though its hideous. *sigh*

  5. Mrs. Tuna says:

    Yeah, fingers crossed the bushes I hacked back within an inch of their lives will make it back. Otherwise I will just look like a lazy ass.

    Stopping over from the blog hop…..

  6. Anonymous says:

    Some advice from Eddie Ross seems relevent here: "As a collector, one thing I've learned over the years is to be fearless. Just because something'€™s antique doesn'€™t mean it's precious. Don't be afraid to alter a piece to make it your own. Strip it. Sand it. Recover it in fabric you adore. Like I said, all wood is not created equal. If a chair's lines are good but you're not in love with the finish, paint it another color and you'€™ll probably be much happier with the result."

    Just don't take the lazy way out – sand, prime and use the right paint.

  7. Dana says:

    black! love black tables! love this post!

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