Dora the Explorer Party: Party Dress

If it’s not obvious already, my daughter loves Dora.  She has Dora jammies.  She has Dora shoes.  She has Dora socks. 

So I knew if I was going to get her into a party outfit, it better have Dora all over it since she’s not so much into clothes.  Matter of fact, she would prefer to run around naked.  But my floors are too dirty for her not to at least have socks on. 

Also, let’s face it, a 2 year old’s birthday party is less about them and more about the mom guests.  Because she has no idea what a birthday is yet.  And I wanted her to look cute (and decent), dammit!
When I saw this embroidery design at k. mae designs I knew it would con my child into wearing it be perfect for Allison.

It’s totally customizable, so not only is her name embroidered on it, but Dora is also wearing a “2” on her shirt.  I love that.  Because I’m a sap and 15 years from now when I’m sitting on her bed while she’s out on her first date and crying, “Waaaahhh!  But we just had her 2nd birthday party last week!  Waaaahhh!”  I’ll remember those details, down to the little “2” on her shirt.  And I’ll cry some more.

But back to the present.  When I unwrapped the package, my delicate little girl jumped on the shirt and immediately tried to put it on.  I’d call that a winner.

But k. mae didn’t stop at just the shirt.  She designed a matching skirt to complete the ensemble.  So. Stinkin’. Cute. 

And so is this.  My little birthday girl all birthdayed up.
Isn’t she just one hot mess?  She wouldn’t let me come near her with a comb…  But at least she’s a fashionably dressed hot mess´╗┐.
Now if only I could get her to wear these…

Or this…

Waaaaahhhh!  When did my baby get so big?
I guess I need to accept the reality that my baby is only going to get bigger.
So, maybe I can get her to wear this???
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3 Responses to Dora the Explorer Party: Party Dress

  1. Kristy says:

    she looks adorable! The Dora outfit is fab!

  2. Ryan and Kim says:

    Glad it was a hit!

  3. Meryl says:

    Really cute!

    Nice to meet you on the blog hop.