Meal Planning Monday

I’ve been in a horrible rut lately.

While I’ve been religiously meal planning every week, it’s been solely based on what we already have in the house to work with.  And what can be cooked in under 20 minutes with the least amount of dishes.

While generally this kind of challenge is pretty thrilling for me (I know I need to get out more), I’ve been choosing meals based on hunger satiation, not so much culinary enjoyment.  Hence the lack of cooking posts this month…

This week I’m going to try a couple new recipes to spice things up a bit.  And next month, I’m going to work off a month long meal plan.  Because this tool was fantastic at keeping me prepared, focused, and excited about meal planning.  And Lord knows I need all the help I can get.

Monday:  Southwest Black Bean Pasta*

Tuesday:  Cowboy Casserole*

Wednesday:  40 clove Garlic Chicken*, Green Beans

Thursday:  Dinner out

Friday:  Fish Sticks, Macaroni ‘n Cheese, Peas, Applesauce

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2 Responses to Meal Planning Monday

  1. NANCY says:

    Hello! I'm following you from the SippyCups&ClothBums bloghop and hope that you'll follow me back!


  2. Holly says:

    Yum. Reading about all that food has made me hungry now! 😛
    Btw, I'm your blog's newest follower. :)