Partying with the Easter Bunny

I took a bunch of photos during our Easter festivities, but most of them turned out looking like this.

Dark and really orangey with lots of horrible shadows.
Most of this is caused by the wreched lighting in my house.  However, I’m supposed to be able to correct that with my fancy camera and new fancy lens, right?
Problem is kids are fast and I’m slow.  So when I see an opportunity to take a good shot, I generally don’t have time to adjust all the settings on the camera.

Because I’m too busy dodging and weaving grubby hands.

Enter The Photoshop.

Before.  Isn’t flourscent lighting great?
After It isn’t much better, but at least she doesn’t look like an Oompa-Loompa.  Just a ghost.  And ghosts are totally less creepy than Oompa-Loopas, right?
Before.  Look at those rosy cheeks…
AfterHave I mentioned that Photoshop and I don’t particularly get along?

BeforeLooks like she’s been hitting the carrot juice with the Easter Bunny.

AfterWhich is the lesser of two evils?  Orange skin or green hair?  Ugh.  Have I mentioned that I hate Photoshop?


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4 Responses to Partying with the Easter Bunny

  1. SJT says:

    what does picnik's auto adjust do to them?

  2. WhatMissLoves says:

    h goodness. I've somehow never tried photoshop before but through others' experiences I know it can be rather difficult.

    However, your pictures are precious!

  3. Holly says:

    I think your photos are cute, even if they didn't turn out perfectly. :)

    I don't use Photoshop to edit pictures, I just use iPhoto. :)

  4. A Mommy in the City says:

    I think the pictures turned out great! Happy belated Easter!