I’ve been meaning to…

I’m a little late (big surprise) but I’m linking up with I’m a Lazy Mom for Things I’ve been meaning to do!  So here are some things off my perpetual to do list…

I’ve been meaning to go through all my closets, cabinets, and crawlspaces looking for stuff I can sell at a garage sale I’ve been meaning to put together.  (See that?  That’s a two-fer.)

I’ve been meaning to go through all these old pictures from my parent’s house and put them in some sort of organized fashion.  And them promptly drop them on their doorstep.  That sounds like a good idea for a Mother’s Day gift, right?

I’ve been meaning to strip the 9 (seriously, 9!) layers of paint offthis bookshelf that was my great grandmother’s.  It’s mahogany somewhere underneath all that muck.  However, I worry that after sitting outside in the elements for over a year that it may fall apart without all that old paint holding it together.

I’ve been meaning to take photos for this post.

I’ve been meaning to make the switch from Blogger to WordPress…  Wait, I did that!  And lived to tell the tale.

I plan to continue posting this week, but I ask that you don’t point and make fun of my poor little blog.  Growing up is full of awkward moments.

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One Response to I’ve been meaning to…

  1. The Lazy Mom says:

    Very cute! Love that you’ve been meaning to take pictures for this post! :)

    The Lazy Mom wuz here.