Meal Planning Miscellany

Holiday weeks are always so hectic…  While we had a great time seeing friends over the long weekend, I’m feeling a little overwhelmed today.  (And still a little hungover.)  I have so much to do to get caught up because we were busy over the weekend cleaning and shopping and cooking for the guests that were coming over.  Oh yeah, and fixing our dishwasher that wasn’t draining water.  Fun times.

Vacation is kinda a bitch like that because all your responsibilities are always just waiting for you when you get back to reality.  And you have twice as much to do in half as much time.

So, I didn’t take the time to post yesterday.  But you may have already noticed that I’m not so good at posting on holidays…  Or weekends…  Or pretty much anytime I’m home all day.  My bed house is too distracting. 

Although I’m trying to get better about that, this Monday kinda worked out for the best.  Because we’ve got a nutty week scheduled and there’s not much of a meal plan to speak of.  However, we do have tons of leftovers from our BBQ on Sunday, so that’s pretty much what we’ll be eating this week.

How did you spend your Memorial Day weekend?

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One Response to Meal Planning Miscellany

  1. Laura says:

    This Memorial Day I actually did nothing! I usually am like you, guests, busy, cooking, hosting but I took a break this year. I took my daughter to NYC the day before but then spent the next day (Memorial Day) recovering from sore feet and legs (walking so much). Leftovers can be yummy. I hope you got caught up from the weekend. Following you from the hop!