My house may be clean, but my body is a wreck…

The joys of immuno-suppressants…  One night of moderate drunken debauchery and you’re paying for it for a week.

The up side is that I managed to get most of the important things on my list knocked out before falling prey to this little bug.

Like this garden project we did last week.

After nearly two solid weeks of rain, our window for getting the veggie garden in was shrinking.  And we had some structural issues that needed to be addressed before planting could begin.  Because my OCD likes structure. 

And we need to keep these guys out of the garden.  Actually, only the big guy is ours, but we kidnapped the neighbors’ dog for the afternoon.  I think they had fun.  But sometimes things get a little rowdy.

Get him, Denver!

This is what we’re starting with.  Isn’t it a beautifully tilled plot of dirt?  In the past we’ve used wooden fence boards with chicken wire stapled on to keep the critters out.  But it looked pretty janky.  And mostly fell over a few weeks later. 

So this year we’re going all fancy-like and doing a stone border.

 We got the bumpy stones so that it didn’t have to look so perfect.  Because we’re not so good at perfect.

These fancy stakes were $3 each, but we were tired of trying to make do with scrap around the house.  But we did repurpose the chicken wire.

That month that Matt worked at a fencing company finally paid off.  Look at those fancy crimps in the fencing to get it all straight and tight.  I had no idea he had such mad skillz.

Now that the landscaping is done, I just need to get those rotten potatoes that have been sitting on my counter for three months into the ground.

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3 Responses to My house may be clean, but my body is a wreck…

  1. Terry says:

    I love to plant potatoes, I just don’t have a lot of garden space yet. Hubs is suppose to till me up a bigger spot than I have, but so far it hasn’t happened.

    I am following gfc and on twitter as CandidaJourney, hope you can stop over and check my blog out… Hopefully follow also.

  2. It looks like a lot of work but I’ll bet you’ll love the payoff! Found you on the blog hop and following on Twitter and Facebook.

    All my best to you (and the potatoes)

    twitter: @claylauren2001
    Facebook: claytonpaulthomas

  3. […] wanna say the last time I did a garden update was back in May when we built the stone border around the edge of the empty plot.  Which was actually not so much of an update as an […]