Pssst! I have a secret…

Lists = Writer’s Block (Don’t Tell Anyone).  I’ve been home from work for a week and just don’t have the intellectual capability to put much else together.

So here’s a Pro/Con list for being a stay at home mom to help put things in perspective.

(All the pictures featured were taken last Friday at a friend’s birthday dinner/girl’s night out.  But I thought it would be nice to actually post some pictures of myself for once…  Since I’m usually the one behind the camera.)

Pro: I get to be home with my sweet baby girl.  We snuggle, read books, do crafts.  It’s so very Donna Reed-esque.

Con: I am constantly being followed by a selfish midget that has no concept of personal space.

Pro: I have more time to work on things around the house.

Con: Any down time I have is spent searching the internet for something to watch so that I. can. just. relax. for. a. minute.

Pro: I am witness to all the amazing milestones my daughter achieves.

Con: Potty training.  Need I say more?

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2 Responses to Pssst! I have a secret…

  1. susan says:

    since you moved websites i didn’t know you had updated! love the pics of course :)