Conversations with a Toddler

I think every parent longs for the day when your child can reciprocate the suffocating love that you’ve been showering on them since day one.

I guess I’ll have to wait a bit longer.

Me: Allison, do you want pancakes for dinner?

Allison:  Cake-Cakes!

(Fast forward 20 minutes.  Brinner is served.)

Me: How are your pancakes?

Allison: Love cake-cakes!

Me:  What else do you love?

Allison:  Love Wheel [of Fortune]!

Me:  Do you love mommy?

Allison: Love mama cake-cakes!

I’m glad that she expressed her feelings towards the pancakes.  Because I’m sure they were feeling pretty under appreciated.


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2 Responses to Conversations with a Toddler

  1. Shell says:


    My oldest woke me up this morning with “Mom, I want watermelon!” Um, what about “Good morning mother, I love you” Naaaahhhh. He’s hungry.

  2. What fun! JDaniel wakes me up with “Good Morning” soon followed by “Can I have breakfast?”