Food Waste Friday

I like to consider myself fairly frugal and resourceful, however, one thing I’ve struggled to get under control is our food waste.

You know how it is…  You buy/make too much of something or it sounded really good at the time but the thought of eating it again makes you want to gag.

After finding The Frugal Girl awhile back, I’ve been trying harder to minimize my waste.  And most weeks, I let it go silently into the trash or compost, but this week I thought I’d share since I did a massive fridge clean-out (and remembered to take a photo) upon our return from vacation.

Most of this food should’ve been pitched before we left, but I had hoped that our house-sitter would’ve consumed some of it before it crossed the line from undesirable to science experiment.

From top left…

One serving of blueberries that I meant to take with us but it didn’t make it in the cooler.

Then there was some frozen broccoli that I made to go with dinner a few weeks ago and just never felt like eating.

In the butter container was some caprese orzo that I made to take for lunch one day but it just didn’t seem appetizing.

On the bottom is two chicken wings from a crock pot chicken I made too long ago to remember.  I never know what to do with wings since there isn’t enough meat on them to be worth the effort.

In the middle is a can of refried beans that were not really packed well, so I thought better safe than sorry.

Next to that is some chopped dill from the garden that had grown a little fuzz.  But I don’t feel too bad since I have dill coming out my ears.

Top right is half an onion that had turned nasty.  For some reason I haven’t been using much onion lately.  Weird.

I was pretty sad about the middle container because it was the last of our wax beans.  It had been wrapped up with half a baked potato and both had passed their prime.

And the bottom container is some leftover biriyani that I had even debated about saving because it wasn’t quite a whole portion.

Wow, it seems like a lot when you’re typing it all out.  I guess that’s why blogging inspires change.  Well, that and shame.


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2 Responses to Food Waste Friday

  1. I hate it when I find waste in my fridge too. They are usually wonderful leftovers.

  2. that’s so my fridge…and it makes me crazy! I can’t stand the waste, but somehow, we always have far too much!