If there was ever a week…

I should’ve written something I didn’t want Matt to read, this would’ve been it.*  Because he’s been working overnights all week.  And sleeping during the day.  Which doesn’t exactly give him a sunny disposition.

And he hasn’t been around to make me go to bed before midnight.  So I’ve had a dragging-my-ass-due-to-crappy-sleep disposition.

Throw in a toddler who’s suffering from doesn’t-have-daddy-to-distract-her-while-I’m-cooking-dinner-and-wants-my-attention-NOW disposition?**  And we’ve been one happy family.

But it’s a holiday weekend.  And we are all off for THREE. WHOLE. DAYS.  And we have friends from Florida in town.  And we’re going to BBQ and light things on fire.  And take the kid to see her first fireworks display. 

So, this weekend is going to rock so much it’s going to make up for the crappy week.  And hopefully the crappiness to be incurred next week since he’ll be working more overnights then.

Wish us luck.

And Happy 4th of July!

*Not that I would ever do that anyway.  Because apparently I am a really a good-hearted person.  *Ahem*  Okay.  Stop laughing.

**And let me just say to all those moms that have their chilluns during the witching  dinner hour by themselves…  You are amazing.

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4 Responses to If there was ever a week…

  1. Laura says:

    I know how hard that is. My husband does shift work. Enjoy your weekend to the fullest!

  2. JDaniel4's Mom says:

    I hope you have a wonderful 4th of July.

  3. witching hour is wine time

  4. Mrs. Tuna says:

    I concur, whine/wine hour sounds just about right.