Food Waste Friday

I have to admit.  I got pretty pissed when I cleaned out the fridge earlier this week.  There were several things that just should not have been wasted.

Like local Wisconsin string cheese and a fig from the farmer’s market.  Do you know how expensive figs are??


While looking at my moldy food may not be the most exciting post for my readers, it has really made me more conscious of my waste.  *Hangs head in shame*  And I’m making an effort to do better.

I’ll be heading to the grocery store for the first time in 2 weeks tomorrow, so my goal is to eat up anything else that may be teetering on the edge of going bad so it doesn’t get lost in the abundance of new food.

Because if you always have a well stocked fridge, you tend to be a lot pickier about what you select.  Ah, the dangers of too many choices.  But I’ll save that soapbox for another day.

And now a (really) crappy picture of my food waste.  I don’t understand why I’m having such a tough time focusing the camera lately??

From top left to right: 

  • Bison steak and mashed potatoes.  Somehow it just didn’t get taken as a lunch.  Sad because it was purchased at the bison farm we toured in Wisconsin
  • Homegrown cantaloupe.  Always kills me to waste farmer’s market produce.
  • Homegrown golden beets.  These didn’t look so hot when we brought them home from vacation.  I tried to “roast” them in the microwave when we got home, but they just didn’t turn out.
  • Fig.  Boo.
  • String cheese.  I’m pissed I forgot this was in there.  The trouble of having too much cheese…
  • Yogurt.  I just can’t get excited about plain yogurt.  Unless I have granola.  And we haven’t used our oven in weeks because it’s been a billion degrees.
  • Pineapple juice.  Which apparently wasn’t bad.  At least it didn’t kill Matt.

Also not featured: 

  • Homegrown watermelon.  This was a tragedy.  Because this melon was so good it made you want to cry.  Mental note: don’t buy two melons in one week.  It’s just too much food for our small family.
  • Uncured all beef hot dog.  Whoops.  It got lost under all the cheese.
  • A black banana.  I haven’t been buying bananas lately because this seems to be our M.O.  For awhile I was freezing them for smoothies, but then my blender caught on fire, so we haven’t been making many smoothies lately…
  • Some hairy carrots.  I’m sure these were salvageable, but it was late, I was tired, and I just didn’t care.

I’m linking up with The Frugal Girl for Food Waste Friday!


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5 Responses to Food Waste Friday

  1. Amanda says:

    I also had a depressing food waste week. I found that meal planning really helped the “Ah, the dangers of too many choices” problem. Good luck with next week.

  2. Tamika says:

    oh boy do I know what those weeks are like! produce and meat are the worst tragedies!

  3. Oh how I hate it when good produce goes to waste. It always looks to delicous and tempting at the farmer’s market. I have a hard time restraining myself this time of year when it comes to produce. It all looks just too good! Until I bring it home at put it in the produce (time-out) bin until it is transformed into it’s evil twin.

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