Goals: Part Deux

So the goals that I outlined yesterday boil down to two things.  1) Eat healthy foods and 2) Exercise.  Simple, right?

But it’s easier said than done.  Being surrounded by fast food temptations and lazy distractions of the television variety makes this task difficult.  And I have very little will power and self-control, so I need to take baby steps.

Phase I:

1.  Give up Dr Pepper… during the week.  And to me, the weekend starts on Thursday.  Just like back in college.  The same goes for my *other* vice.

2.  Eating more fruits/veggies.  For some strange reason, I always felt like I should save the good produce for Allison.   Like I wasn’t deserving of strawberries.

3.  Take the stairs.  I’ve given up the elevator and it’s freakin’ killing me.  But it can only get easier, right??

4.  Try something new.  I finally broke down yesterday and bought my husband a Wii.  Yes, I know.  We are like a decade behind in gaming systems.  But what finally pushed me over the edge (other than his weekly reminder that Mario Cart on the Wii is so much fun) was that I could use it to exercise.  The theory is that I could get a work out in in the evenings from the comfort of my own home.  Overcoming my two biggest excuses: Finding the time and leaving the house.

As simple as those four things are, I still need a little assistance staying on track.  So I’ve compiled a list of tools to keep me headed in the right direction.

1.  Keep a food diary.  I have been using MyFitnessPal.com and really like how easy it is to track my foods.  And if I could open App World on my Crackberry, I could even get an app to make it easier.  If you’re on it, DM or email me your username and I’ll find you so we can be fitness friends!

2.  Track my physical activity.  I’ve found that measuring progress keeps me motivated.  Plus, I’m a math geek.  Because what we measure, we make important.  (Sorry about that little tidbit from my retail management days.)  My office gave us all these fancy pedometers, so now I’m able to see how many steps I actually take each day.

3.  Update my weekly schedule.  My routine doesn’t appear to be reflecting my priorities lately.  And I NEED to find time to work out.  Perhaps if I actually schedule it, I will act on it?

What are your health goals?  How do you keep motivated?

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