War on Debt: Recovering

In January, I declared war on our credit cards.  With over $11,000 dollars in credit card debt, I mapped out a basic plan to accomplish the goal of being free of credit cards by 2012.  And in the spirit of complete honesty, I’m going to share the nitty gritty details with all of you.  (*Names of creditors have been changed to protect the not-so innocent.)

So the car fiasco is finally over.  The claim is closed, I’ve bought a new car, and the check has been received. 

Except I’ve run into one more hiccup.  Apparently my math wasn’t quite right.  All this time I’ve had a number in my head of what the claim check should be, but when I opened it this morning, it was missing a zero.  Whoops.  I’ve octuple checked the numbers and they are right.  Apparently, I was delusional when I did the original calculations.

All this means my original intention of getting caught up in the War on Debt and resuming our previously set plan is out the window. 

So where did all that money I’ve been saving by not paying the credit cards over the last two months go?  If I’m really honest with myself, it went towards our various vacations.  Three of them.  In three months.

Which is just more evidence that you spend what you make.   

But I don’t regret it.  Because these were trips that we really enjoyed.  And we had the money to pay for them, even if that money could have gone to a more practical use.

So August is a month of recovering, learning from our mistakes, and getting back on track.  And I’m really excited about that.

Next post in the War on Debt series: A Cash Experiment


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2 Responses to War on Debt: Recovering

  1. Shell says:

    Look at you- paying it all down!

    Vacations are worth it sometimes, though!

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