Warning: Lack of Dr Pepper makes me incapable of coming up with good titles.

Last week I mentioned something about setting some goals in an effort to feel less like crap all the time.  Then I hit “publish” and instantly regretted it.  Because now I was accountable. 

It’s one thing to casually say, “I’m going to eat better.”  It’s entirely another to declare to the world, “I’m giving up Dr Pepper… Starting now.”

Last week was rough.  I stumbled many times.  And hated myself for it.

Then over the weekend, I had to stop and reevaluate what I really wanted to accomplish with these goals.  Because I didn’t want to walk around hating myself every time I slipped up.  So, here’s the gist of it…

1.  Have more energy.  Ironically, this is why I started chugging Dr Pepper to begin with.  And it worked for a while.  But with some nasty side effects.  Let’s just say my gut no likey the soda.

2.  Be more flexible.  Okay, get your minds out of the gutter.  The sad reality is that most days, when I wake up, I can’t touch my toes.  And tight muscles lead to more aches and pains.

3.  Improve endurance.  As you could have inferred from the above, I am horribly out of shape.  And I would appreciate being able to walk up a flight of stairs without getting winded.

4.  Eat better.  I am convinced that all the sugar I consume cannot be good for my body.  Especially since I have a dysfunctional immune system.  Because the evil bacteria that lives in my gut starts doing sugar keg stands and then they start breaking furniture and falling out of trees.  Never a good way to end a party.

5.  Take time for me.  This is less about physical health, but nonetheless important.  After years of neglecting myself due to time and money shortages, I would like to spend a little more time on me.  And now that I whacked all my hair off, I am forced to at least get a haircut every six weeks.  So, I figured maybe a pedicure every once in a while wouldn’t be a bad idea, either.  Or an early morning date with my camera and a Bread Company muffin.

This post is already longer than my attention span can handle, so I’ll stop here for now.  Stay tuned for the sequel to Goals.  Although, I’m a little nervous because the sequel is never as good as the original.

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10 Responses to Warning: Lack of Dr Pepper makes me incapable of coming up with good titles.

  1. I’d love to eat better too! I just love food so much. I need to get strict and start watching what I eat! Good luck!

    • Jen says:

      The way I look at it, if I am eating real, whole foods, it doesn’t really matter what they are. Because cheese and cream and butter are better for me than processed oils and whatever else they put in low-fat versions.

  2. Emily says:

    Hmm, is it sad that I know exactly what you are talking about in number 4? Of all the sodas in the world, Dr. Pepper is the only one that kills my stomach!

    • Jen says:

      Strangely, I switched from Pepsi to Dr Pepper because the Pepsi was worse on my gut. That and Dr P has more caffeine and the Pepsi just wasn’t cutting it anymore.

  3. I tend to stick to water, but love Dr. Pepper every now and then.

    • Jen says:

      I am fine drinking water most of the time, but sometimes I just need something with flavor. And I kinda got used to how those empty calories filled me up, so it was almost like a snack for me.

  4. Shell says:

    I say I’d like to eat better… as I munch on m&ms that I’m trying to hide from my kids!

    Time for you is awesome, though. I need that or I go a little crazy.

    • Jen says:

      Yeah, I had Taco Bell for lunch yesterday. Talk about a healthy eating fail. But you know what? It was gooooood.

  5. Mrs. Tuna says:

    The last year I’ve cut back on working out and increased my food intake. Not the best choice, pants…..very….tight……ughhhhh

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