Defining Mother

One of the best perks of blogging is meeting new people.  People that you click with immediately.  That you can share your life with.  That you are excited to call your friend.  Jennifer from Midwest “Mom”ments is one of those people.  She is funny, genuine, and honest.  She makes writing look easy.   And I’m excited to have her over today!

A big thanks to Jen for inviting me to post at her place today. Nice digs! Not only do I think her blog name is fan-freakin’-tastic, but a lot of her posts are amazing, heartwarming, “mom”ment stories. The first post I read by her was Best. Decision. Ever. and right then I knew I’d be a follower, just like you are. So thanks for letting me interrupt her regularly scheduled posts and share some thoughts here.


The line forming on that stick.
Watching the first ultrasound.
Feeling the first kick.
Crying together as you try to soothe each other in the middle of the night.
Hearing “Mama” the first time.

There are many moments when I’ve felt “I’m a mom now.” Oddly enough, the one that hits me like a surprise roundhouse to the head is filling out paperwork at the doctor’s office.

Relationship to Patient:


It sounds so important, so definitive, so official, so… responsible.

This child is mine; I have to care for her.

It kicks my mama bear instincts into overdrive.

Such a strange reaction to a simple bureaucratic process.

What are some of your defining “Mother” moments?

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