Eversave Giveaway Winner!

Sorry I’m a little late in announcing the winner of the Eversave giveaway.  Last night we invited our neighbors over for dinner at the last-minute.  And dinner turned into dessert.  And dessert turned into a bonfire.  And a bonfire turned into 11 o’clock.  So, I’m a wee bit tired today.  But it was totally worth it.

I don’t have anything else really prepped for today, so I guess I’ll get right to it. 

Drum roll please……..

The winner of $25 in Save Rewards is Julie C, commenter #3!

Thanks to everyone that participated!

If you’re thinking that this here blog is turning into a promotional haven, don’t worry.  I’m excited to offer you all fantastic prizes and freebies on occasion, but I plan to continue to focus on content that offers readers ideas, insight, and maybe even a little inspiration. 

But I want to hear from you…  What kind of giveaways do you like to enter?  Is there anything that would stop you from entering a giveaway?

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One Response to Eversave Giveaway Winner!

  1. Julie Clark says:

    Yeah!!!! Thanks so much!!!!