Finger Painting

Allison is quite the artist these days.  But what do you do when crayons start getting a little boring?  FINGER PAINT!

Plain Yogurt + Food Coloring = Finger Paint

Allison isn’t a big fan of getting messy, so I wasn’t quite sure what her reaction would be…

I’d say she liked it.

She started out all delicate, carefully painting her favorite – circles.

Then she started to go all Jackson Pollock on me.

Once she figured out it was yogurt, though, there was a lot less painting and a lot more eating.

Although not before she created four masterpieces.  I’d say it was a productive hour.

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4 Responses to Finger Painting

  1. annabelle says:

    That looks like yummy fun!

  2. It looks like she covered everything she could with paint. What fun!

  3. Jessica says:

    Did you just use vanilla yogurt and add food coloring? Did stain her hands? I think this would be something my boys would LOVE!

    • Jen says:

      I used plain, but vanilla would totally work! I was really worried that the food coloring would stain, but we had no problem cleaning up. I was also really shocked that the paintings dried. There is a lot of water in the yogurt, so the paper was left a little soggy, but it eventually dried.