Food Waste Friday

Another food waste confession update!  Because I know how much you all LOVE looking at my moldy, slimy food.

I will preface this by saying the picture below was taken last weekend when I did the bulk of my fridge cleaning.  Although in reality, I spent more time taking the photos than I did cleaning out bad food.

That would be why there are several more casualties that were tossed throughout the week.

On the bottom is a container of spinach that was left by our housesitter back in July!  I was actually shocked how fresh it still looked for weeks after and fully intended to use it up.  But I think as far as I got was throwing a few leaves into a omlet.

Next is some edamame that got a little slimy.  I tend to cook a bunch of the frozen soybeans at a time to keep some ready for snacks, etc, but Allison has decided that we have better options at home (like crackers) so she’s refusing to eat them unless we are out and she has no other food choice.

I was a little sad about not using this roasted jalapeno, but honestly, we don’t cook much in the way of spicy food and these were REALLY hot.  Even after roasting.

Lastly, I have a mashed sweet potato.  I like to have these ready to eat in the fridge because it is one of the few veggies that Allison will eat right now.  But she’s quite fickle about what hits her plate these days and sweet potatoes have slightly fallen out of favor.

Not pictured: An entire package of hamburger buns, an apple, four sweet potatoes, and a yellow squash.

The hamburger buns were forgotten about after the meal they were intended for got bumped to the next week.  They were from Aldi, so I kinda thought all the preservatives would hold them over the extra week.  I guess not.

The apple was from the farmer’s market and I’m thinking they were already going down hill because after several days, they all started to get a little soft.  But one was worse than the rest.  I still have a couple left from the bag, so I’m going to try to make some baked apples or something to mask the mushiness.

The sweet potatoes were actually purchased on our trip to Wisconsin.  I had bought a bunch thinking we would have them for dinner one night and never did.  Potatoes last for a while, but two months was a lot to ask in my hot kitchen.

I have no excuse for the squash.  Except maybe that it was too small to serve as a side on its own.  And we didn’t make many dishes that lent themselves to adding squash.  Which would also be my fault since I do the meal planning.

I’m fairly certain there are also a few other things lurking in the fridge that need to be disposed of before I go grocery shopping this weekend.  Namely the black bean and corn salad that was really delicious the first night and just didn’t sound good after that. 

I need to make a better effort to plan around what is currently in the fridge.  Because I still have some produce that needs to be consumed that was purchased two weeks ago.  I’m starting to get the feeling that no one else in the house eats fresh food because we always run out of chips and cereal first. 


Come back Monday for Grocery Voyeur!

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One Response to Food Waste Friday

  1. I hate wasting food. Every night (and by night I mean morning) after dinner as I scrape the kids plates I cringe. And when I finally toss crap from the fridge in the trash I just see dollar signs…