Food Waste Friday

I’m really excited about my food waste this week!  (I can’t believe I just said that.  I need to get out more.)

But in the last two weeks, we haven’t wasted much.  Mostly thanks to an impromptu dinner party with the neighbors that I entitled, “clean out our refrigerator night.”

I did get rid of a few things that seemed questionable, though.  Which I actually took the time to photograph this morning…  And completely forgot to bring the camera with me to upload.  So, you’ll have to wait for my crappy lovely photos.

I pitched some potato salad that Matt had purchased while camping.  I couldn’t remember how old it was.  And if it had been sitting in there long enough for me not to remember from whence it came, we certainly weren’t going to eat it now.

I also had some leftover tzatziki from making Greek burgers a couple weeks ago (maybe from the same night Matt went camping?) that had no purpose.  I know what you’re thinking…  What can’t go with tzatziki??  But I just wasn’t feeling it.

Then there was some lingonberry jam that we purchased at Ikea last summer.  The jar had enough jam for approximately half a piece of toast.  And it had been that way for months.  It was time to go.

Lastly I have these shrivelled peppers from the neighbor’s garden.  I just don’t know what to do with hot peppers.  Had I been ambitious, I would’ve pickled them.  Because I love me some pickled banana peppers.  But that ranks somewhere on my to do list after making Allison an owl Halloween costume (that she probably won’t wear) and latch hooking a rug.

Fortunately, I did finally get a new food processor.  So this weekend I can work on processing some of our garden harvest.  Like making basil pesto.  And grinding the cayenne peppers from last year’s garden.  #Winning!


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5 Responses to Food Waste Friday

  1. Tamika says:

    Good job. I have yet to dig through my fridge…I am scared…

  2. You are doing so well! I have a chicken tender and some veggies that I need to get rid of.

  3. Gosh you are good. We are actually just completely cleaned out our refrigerator a couple of weeks ago because we had no power for 4 days (thank you Hurricane Irene). That being said the junk is starting to pile up again – we are huge food wasters. I definitely need to pay more attention.

  4. Last weekend we made several batches of pesto and we put a dried hot pepper from last year into each batch. It gave it just a little kick, but not too hot. You might try it and see what you think.

  5. Holly says:

    Ack! I hate finding things at the back of my fridge that I don’t remember getting! I never even open the lids in case something hideous and mouldy hops out! :O