Moments Like This

I didn’t blog yesterday.  Just like I wasn’t going to blog today.  I just didn’t feel like I had any words that needed to be written.  And I figured rather than cluttering your readers with useless drivel, I’d just sneak away for a couple of days.  Give myself a break.  Let my mind recharge.

Then I read a post from Simple Mom today that got me thinking.  Not so much about how her words related to my life.  But because my thoughts go off on tangents, I landed on a concept that I’ve been dwelling on all week: Living in the moment.

Monday evenings Allison and I are left to our own devices while Daddy is at work.  We usually have a simple dinner of snacky foods (often times in front of the tv) and just fill the couple of hours before bedtime with books, puzzles, and crayons.

But this past Monday, I decided to do something different.  Before dinner we went for a walk.  Walks are typically reserved for family time, but it was a nice night and I just felt like getting out of the house.

As we walked through the cemetery behind our street, Allison chatted the entire time in Spanglish.  (Thank you, Dora.)  I was taken by how grown up she has become in the last six months.  At her 2nd birthday party she was hardly saying five words and now she is speaking in (bi-lingual) sentences.  Blows. My. Mind.

We walked through the quiet cemetery, collecting sticks and playing in leaf piles, while the sun set behind the trees.  Allison pretended that leaves were lakes and she asked me to “ayuda me” and pull her to safety with her pretend rope (aka stick).  She thanked me for saving her with a big unsolicited hug.

I wanted to freeze time.  Relive that moment forever.  Keep her that little girl walking and singing her ABCDs.

Two days later, I attempted to recreate that magical evening.  As a family we headed out in the same direction, except this time I remembered my camera.  I wanted to capture the moment we had had two days before.  So that I could feel it again.

But moments are fleeting and very rarely can they be reproduced.

However, every day is another opportunity to make more memories.  Different memories.  And I look forward to trying to make each one special.

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2 Responses to Moments Like This

  1. Mommy Bags says:

    Great great post……

  2. This is so true. Life’s greatest moments can sometimes come when you are least expecting them.