12 Things

  1. I made PW’s pinto beans in the crock pot the other night.  After 8 hours, the onions and bacon had melted into the beans.  This is awesome and disappointing at the same time.  I kinda like to chew my bacon.
  2. I REALLY want a Dr. Pepper today.  But I don’t want to spend my half-dollar and I don’t have enough change without it.  Do vending machines even take half dollars?
  3. I figured out how to use the custom white balance on my Rebel.  I think it might change my life.  Assuming my camera decides that it wants to focus properly.
  4. Matt sent me this text at 7am today. “Cancel the vet appt.  I AM off Sunday.  Memphis or KC?”  I responded with, “I think you should help Mike finish his roof this weekend so he will help us install a new door.”  Our brains work very differently, but we make it work.
  5. Tonight Allison is going to the pumpkin patch for the THIRD time this month.  Hopefully the toddler AND the camera will cooperate this time and we’ll be able to get a good shot finally.
  6. I’ve almost got all of our Halloween decorations up.  It’s only taken me 2 weeks.  This process has been further complicated by the fact that Allison feels very strongly about where certain items should go.
  7. The downside to bi-weekly shopping is that every other weekend, I am running all over town like a mad man, trying not to forget that one item that we can’t live without for 2 weeks.  So this weekend I need to go to Aldi, Schnucks, Trader Joe’s, and Target.  The first item to get added to my shopping list?  Vodka.
  8. We appear to have entered our busy time at work.  So today I have dealt with no less than 6 problems (which is 6 more than most days) that have kept me from doing other important things – like surfing Pinterest.
  9. I am so far behind on blogging, it’s not funny.  I’ve actually been meaning to post about our apple picking adventure SINCE SEPTEMBER.  But life has been a little crazy (as usual) and you all know I’m awful at getting photos from my camera to my computer.  And even worse about getting them from my computer to the blog. 
  10. I’m trying really hard to stretch this list to 12 things.  Because I’m a little obsessed with the number 12 lately.  And my OCD needs an outlet.  And I figure this is waaaay better than many of the alternatives.
  11. Like washing my hands 152 times a day.  Or other measures of obsessive personal hygiene.  Which leads me to say, DO NOT WATCH THE SHOW OBSESSED.  There are things on that show that you cannot unsee.
  12. And lastly…. The winner of the $10 K.mae Designs gift certificate is comment #15, Susan!!


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  1. susan says:

    whoo who!!!