Meal Plan Monday ~ 10.24.11

Normally I plan 3-4 meals per week, depending on Matt’s ever-changing work schedule.  The other 3-4 days, we eat sandwiches, leftovers, or sometimes on the weekend I will get a wild hair to make some elaborate meal that takes 3 hours and 152 pots/pans/bowls to prepare.  Or sometimes we’ll get a pizza.

However, this week I have a few evening engagements for work, so we will only be together for one dinner this week.  Which means I don’t really have a meal plan for you this week.

But I didn’t want to leave Matt with nothing ready to eat because cooking with a toddler is all kinds of fun.  {Insert sarcasm here.}  So I can tell you what we will be eating because I’ve jammed our fridge with leftovers in preparation.  Because I certainly wouldn’t want to be eating hotdogs every day.

Our selection includes:

  • Chili
  • Pulled Pork
  • Tomato Soup (which might actually need to be trashed)
  • Macaroni with Marinara Sauce
  • Pot Roast (not actually cooked, but needs to be since I pulled it out of the freezer)
  • Bacon (for BLTs or Brinner)

I’m actually a little worried because that’s a lot of food to go through in a week.  And we have the bad habit of choosing the freshest food and letting the older leftovers languish in the back of the fridge to grow fur babies. 

So here’s hoping that we can get through this busy week and not have to dump half of the fridge into the trash can come Saturday.

And because I’ve decided that I’m too lazy to take photos of my groceries, here is a phone pic of my receipt.

In case you are blind like me, I’ll give you the give you the highlights. 

  • Kashi cereal was on sale 2/$5, so I bought 4 boxes.
  • I remembered that I was nearly out of olive oil, so I picked some up and got mad at myself the next day when I remembered that Trader Joes has it for $5.99 and I paid $6.98.  I know it’s not a big deal, but my OCD thinks it is.
  • Matt requested beef stroganoff and since I made him eat beans and cornbread last week, I thought it would be nice to oblige.  Eventhough the meat was almost $8/lb.  But really, you don’t need a huge amount of meat for two people.
  • You might notice that $17 bottle of vodka at the bottom…  I swear, it’s for making vanilla extract.  (I have another bottle in the freezer for drinking.)

I used my last two Shop n Save coupons from the Entertainment book, one to buy a $50 gift card for $45 and another to save $5 at the point of sale.  But I’m honestly not sure if I saved any money by using the coupons over shopping at Aldi.  I can get a gallon of milk at Aldi for $2.99, but Shop n Save charges $3.38.  Same goes for many basics.  Aldi has eggs for at least $0.30 cheaper.  Blocks of cheese for $0.59 less. 

So I may have broke even with the coupons….  But Shop n Save does have fantastic car carts, so Allison was happy the ENTIRE shopping trip.  I guess that’s worth something.

What do you eat when it’s just you and the kid(s)?

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2 Responses to Meal Plan Monday ~ 10.24.11

  1. Robbie says:

    It is always just me and the kids now so i usually do easy kid friendly crap that I know they will eat but I am getting bored with that & of course they claim they no longer like certain things. Standard fare around here…chili, fettucuni alfredo w/turkey bacon, soft tacos and refried beans, cheeseburger roll-up, hot dogs.

    • Jen says:

      That sounds a lot like our typical meals… Except Allison doesn’t eat most of what I cook. She only wants crackers, cereal, fruit, and tomatoes.