The Cookies That Won’t Die

Awhile back I tested this recipe for orange-cranberry oatmeal cookies. 

The recipe had been based on a Weelicious oatmeal raisin cookie recipe.  I had been in search of a lower sugar variation of my favorite Quaker recipe ever since I calculated the nutritional content.  *Yikes*  And Catherine is always my “go-to gal” for healthy (and delicious) (and easy) recipes.

In place of the 4lbs of sugar I usually use in my tried and true recipe, hers called for honey.  And only honey.  Quite a lot of honey.  Half a cup, I believe. 

So I thought, this is going to be awesome!  Honey is so much better for you than 4lbs of sugar!  I am the best. mom. ever.

Until I realized that I didn’t make cookies.  I had made cookie-shaped scones.

Now they were tasty cookie-shaped scones, but not the crispy, chewy cookies that I had been searching for.  Even Allison recognized they weren’t remotely similar to cookies.   

If I had burned them, I would’ve beat myself up for awhile then eventually chucked them in the trash.  But they were perfectly good cookie-shaped scones, so I couldn’t justify throwing them away.  So they sat.  In my pantry.  For about three months.

I was sure they had gone bad.  But rotten food is like a horror movie to me.  I. Just. Can’t. Look.  So there it continues to sit.  Until it literally walks itself to the trash can.  Or Matt finds it.  Reason 27 I married him.  He disposes of moldy food and milk cheese.

And then today, as I was trying to fight off the afternoon hunger that generally leads to a trip to the vending machine for more Cheez Its, I reached into my cabinet and found the cookies.

The perfectly preserved cookies.

So thank you, honey, for being a natural preservative and saving me $1.25 and 20 grams of additional fat.

Although, if you had been the delicious cookies I was searching for in the first place, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation.

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One Response to The Cookies That Won’t Die

  1. Kristy says:

    That’s hilarious! Wish you had posted a pic of your cookie shaped scones 😉