Food Waste Friday

Yes, I am aware that it is Saturday.  And I usually don’t blog on Saturdays.  But my fridge was in desperate need of a clean out and I hadn’t gotten around to it yet this week.

Unless you count the numerous things I had to pitch throughout the week because they were growing penicillin.  Like the muffins, the cream cheese, and the cheese curds from JULY.

But I was up at 7, strangely well rested after fighting this head cold since Wednesday.  And Allison slept in, so I didn’t have an excuse not to do it while I was waiting for my water to heat for some cough suppressing green tea with honey.

I cringed a little as I purged.  The apples that we had picked back in September had been sitting peeled and diced for weeks, waiting to be thrown into muffins or a crisp that just never came to be.  That killed me after all the work I had put in to prep them.

I know we should be eating more yogurt, but honestly, it’s just not my favorite.  Maybe if I made my own?  Because you can see how well homemade goods survive around here.

The black bean dip is good, but we just haven’t wanted to eat it.  For a couple of months.  So into the trash it goes.

The crushed pineapple was just forgotten about in the back.  Oops.

Then there was the stove top cinnamon apples that I had been SURE that Allison would love.  But she didn’t.  And they got forgotten in the back as well.  Sigh.

Also not pictured is an almost completely full bottle of applesauce that we had opened shortly before we went to pick apples.  Obviously, the homemade sauce was prioritized and when I tasted it this morning, it just wasn’t right.  Sad.

So I’m going to do my best to ignore the fact that I just threw over $20 worth of food away today and restock the kitchen with foods I KNOW we will eat.  Or at least buy quantities I know that we can go through in a reasonable amount of time.

How do you control your food waste?

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4 Responses to Food Waste Friday

  1. Robbie says:

    Partly due to our current situation (lay-off & commuter marriage) I buy the minimum amount of food we need for a week. I also try to purchase ONLY things I KNOW we will eat…makes for some boring meals but I would rather do that than waste stuff right now. My kids don’t eat salad so buying everything individually would probably be cheaper but woudl likely go to waste. Instead I go to the b the pound salad bar @ local grocery chain and make a salad for myself. I usually get at least 3 meals out of it so i figure it all works out in the end.

    • Jen says:

      We eat the same things over and over, too. Boring but efficient. And I totally agree with the salad bar. For $.60/oz, it’s worth not having to shred my own carrots.

  2. I found something super scary in JDaniel’s lunch box. I still don’t know what it was.

  3. Andrea says:

    Oh, you’re so not alone here. I HATE doing this, though. It’s why I end up leaving so much guckky stuff in my fridge for way too long!!