Just a Job?

It is Thursday, isn’t it?  I am honestly not sure because it really feels like Friday.  And not in the WHOO HOO kind of way.  It feels like it should be Friday because THIS HAS BEEN THE LONGEST WEEK EVER.

I’m not even sure why.

But according to my new iPhone, it is Thursday.  Which means I’m due for another installment of Thankful Thursday.  I know, enthusiastic build up, right?

So today I am thankful for my job.  You know that place I whine about going to five days a week to stare at a computer and wait for the phone to ring?  It’s actually pretty awesome.  Well, maybe the actual work isn’t so awesome, but the benefits of working are.

Snagging this position has allowed our family to accomplish so many things in the last year.  From better benefits to paying down our debt, it has really been a Godsend. 

But beyond the financial assistance, working has taught me many things.  1) Being insanely busy = More productive.  When you have less time, you are much more intentional with how you use it. 2) Organization will save your soul.  I’m telling you, I have no idea how I survived before meal planning.  And 3) I am a better mom when I’m not with her all day.  Meaning I value my time with her so much more and make every effort to appreciate every second we have together.  Plus I have a LOT more patience.

And then there’s also you guys.  I never would have started blogging if I didn’t have this job.  Because I know I’d be at home streaming Law & Order reruns instead of trying to amass words into a cohesive thought.  And I would’ve missed out on meeting all of you.  People that support me when I’m down.  People that share your lives with me.  People that continually teach me how to be a better mom/wife/person. 

So thank you boring, well-paying job.  You have forever changed my life.

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