Meal Plan Monday ~ 11.7.11

It’s after 4:30 and I am just getting around to posting today.  I’m going to blame the time change.  Because the time change screws everything up, right?

Since it is so late in the day, I’m going to keep this short.  I actually took photos of my Aldi shopping trip Saturday, but forgot to upload them before heading to work.  (Totally the time change’s fault.)

So this is what we’re eating this week…

Sunday:  Papa John’s – Because it sounded good with my day of football watching

Monday:  Baked Potato Soup

Tuesday:  Dinner out with family (Assuming I can shake this cold by tomorrow)

Wednesday:  Beef Stroganoff, Green Beans

Thursday:  Parmesan Tilapia, Roasted Cauliflower

Friday:  Leftovers

Saturday:  Birthday Dinner Date TBD

Did your household survive the Fall Back?

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2 Responses to Meal Plan Monday ~ 11.7.11

  1. Robbie says:

    I made crock pot loaded potato soup today too! I will have to try the baked potato version next time,

    • Jen says:

      I tried to make it with raw potatoes last night because I was trying to save a step and it turned out really grainy. It would have probably helped if I hadn’t been trying to do three things at once while cooking dinner, too!