Food Waste Friday

This post could also be called: Denial.  Or No Longer in Denial.  Or Apparently I’m Blind.  Or any number of alternatives that described what happened in my fridge this week.

Because you remember last week?  When I was all NO FOOD WASTE!  Well, apparently I was just kidding myself.  Because I didn’t want to give up on some of the contents in my fridge.  Like this half a head of cauliflower.

I totally was going to use it in….  something.  And even after it started to get spotty, I thought it was salvageable.  But then I got honest with myself and realized that I really don’t like cauliflower all that much.

These green beans suffered a similar (if not worse) fate.  I had lofty ideas of pickling them because I had tried some spicy pickled green beans at Steve’s (from The Urge) Hot Dogs and they were seriously awesome.  But I’ve never pickled a thing in my life.  So you can see what I was left with after weeks of procrastinating.

I nearly cried (not really) dumping this “pudding.”  I don’t know what happened, but it never did really set up.  And while it could have made a decent chocolate sauce, it just didn’t have the same appeal as pudding.

And that’s just the stuff I cleared out Tuesday.

This was my attempt to avoid food waste.  So that nothing got forgotten about in the back of the fridge.  Now we did eat through quite a bit of it, but all those stars?  Yeah, that’s stuff that got thrown out.

I already told you about the carrots.  But then there was also a half eaten potato, half a bag of mini bagels that I thought would be safe in the fridge (WRONG), the last bit of an avocado, a few clementines that just weren’t good, a handful of moldy raspberries, and a bowl of pumpkin dip that I had made for a Thanksgiving pot luck that had barely been touched.

PHEW!  That’s a lot of food.  I have to say it’s hard to keep up with it when I’m not home during the day.  And it’s even harder during the holidays because there is just so. much. more. food. 

But my fridge is clean now.  I’m not cooking for the holidays.  And I have a pretty solid meal plan for the next two weeks, so hopefully I won’t have any more food waste catastrophes like this.

What are your tips for controlling food waste?

 *And sorry for the awful iPhone pics…  But I guess it’s better than no pics.  Or maybe you don’t really want to see photos of my moldy food….

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4 Responses to Food Waste Friday

  1. I just don’t feed my family…that way we don’t have waste…

    • Jen says:

      That’s a good point. The only things that Matt and Allison want to eat is chips, cheese, and crackers. I’m the crazy one that thinks they should eat vegetables.

  2. I have found that we don’t waste as much if we don’t don’t buy so much. I try to have a purpose for most things and just keep a few staples on hand. As first, it felt as if we had NOTHING in the house to eat, but we adjusted (sort of).
    I like your blackboard with the list of what to use up. I may try that sometime.

  3. Mrs. Tuna says:

    No food in the house, I am just eating old paper.