The Best of DMB 2011

In the last year, I wrote 202 posts covering everything from cleaning and crafting, to cooking and confessions, to totally random, Dr Pepper induced ramblings.  To say I don’t have a niche is a bit of an understatement. 

But here is a short list of the best of DMB for 2011, as judged by me.  No protractors were hurt during the compilation this list.  It’s pretty much just the posts I liked the best, either because they were fun to write, provided substantive content or hilarity, or drew a decent amount of traffic.  Essentially, the posts I’m most proud of.

About me:  Ultimate Blog Party and 10 Things

Recipes:  Cowboy Casserole and Chicken Fajitas

Productivity:  The Grocery Game and  Time v Money

Education:  Charter and Magnet and Homeschool, Oh My!

Health (or lack thereof):  Operation: Destroy Cankles and A New Normal

Tutorials:  Dora the Explorer Party: Favors and Chicken Boobs

Confessions: Roller Coaster and Regrets

Series: Thankful Thursday, or more specifically, This Old House and War on Debt

Most ridiculous post that drives tons of traffic to my blog:  Dammit, Donna!

Please follow me (click on those little icons at the top right sidebar!) for an exciting 2012 wherein I attempt to find my focus and string together 200 words without the dependence on Dr Pepper!

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