2012 Goals Update | January Wrap Up

It’s a funny thing.  When you write down your goals (especially in a public forum) you end up thinking about them all week.  And sometimes if you think about them all week, you actually do them.  Amazing, huh?

This past week I didn’t accomplish everything I had wanted, but I am totally okay with where I ended up.  Well, except for the cleaning.  I still feel like my house is a wreck.  I’m starting to wonder if I just care too much about it being clean?

But here’s how I’m doing on my 2012 goals.  (To read last week’s goal update, click here.)

Health Goals

  • Go Gluten Free  I almost threw in the towel on Saturday.  I told myself that 4 weeks was close enough to one month and what difference did a couple of days make.  But I’ve decided to stick it out a bit longer, so every day I manage to avoid The Gluten will be a win in my book.
  • C25k  Total fail.  I did go to the fitness center one day last week, but the treadmills were occupied, so I had to use the elliptical instead.  And I’m really out of shape, so I only lasted 10 minutes before I thought I was going to collapse.  But I know the hardest part is getting into my running clothes, so if I can get that far, I’ll be golden.
  • Regular Stretching  Yeah, this didn’t go so great either.  I guess I should put yoga on my list for tonight.  Along with soaking beans and mopping the floor. 
  • Go To Bed/Wake Up 30 Minutes Earlier  Matt’s early morning schedule did really help me get my booty to bed earlier most days.  Except for the night when I was up til 11pm making buttercream flowers.  But alas, we are back to his usual, unpredictable schedule this week.  I will really try to keep it up, but it’s tough when he gets home at the same time I’m heading to bed.

Financial Goals

  • Pay Off Last Credit Card  Monthly payment made.  And Matt and I decided that we are going to throw our tax return and the roof claim money that direction to get it paid off next month.  The thought is that money isn’t doing us any good sitting in savings, so why not make it work for us and save the interest.  SO THAT MEANS WE’LL BE ONE STEP CLOSER TO BEING DEBT FREE IN LESS THAN ONE MONTH!!! 
  • Earn an Extra $100/month  I didn’t submit anything for syndication last week, but I did get a lot of new content written.  And it’s material I am REALLY excited about sharing. 
  • Save for a New (to us) Car  This is going to start much sooner now that the credit card will be paid off.  Sqeeee!

Family Goals

  • At Home Date Nights  I wouldn’t say that our “date” went particularly as planned since it ended up being more of a meeting and less of a fun night catching up.  But we did turn off the tv, listen to music, play Othello, and caught up on some much-needed conversations.  We haven’t planned the next one, but I’m hoping we can try for Saturday.
  • Structured Playtime/Activities for Allison  I printed out some phonics activity sheets from Confessions of a Homeschooler and Allison loved doing them!  I was honestly surprised by how well she knew her lowercase letters since she was pretty clueless about them at Christmas.  We played the “Letter Sound Word Game” (or so I’ve named it), too.  I’ll have her pick a letter then I make the sound and we talk about words that start with that sound.  It was a great game for driving in the car.  This week I’m going to have Matt pick up some dry erase markers so that she can practice tracing letters.

Home Maintenance Goals

  • Reduce Waste/Trash  I didn’t get around to cleaning out the freezer, but the fridge is lookin’ pretty sparse even after grocery shopping this weekend.  The pantry on the other hand is a wreck and needs some serious re-organizing.  Put that on next week’s list.
  • Cleaning: It’s a Good Thing  Yeah….  Didn’t touch the bathrooms, but I got the main floor vacuumed and cleared off the kitchen counter.  I know that I wasn’t moving too fast this weekend, but geez, why does it take so long to clean such a small house??!
  • Tackle One Home Repair Project Per Month  I’ve decided that since I already did a project for January (winterizing), I’m not going to push it.  Next month I will tackle the moldy caulk.  Or maybe the (still) broken tile.

Personal Goals

  • Budget Time for Hobbies  Holy crap, people!  I made this!  It was a lot of work, but I hope to take the next class soon so that I can learn more advanced skillz.  But I totally understand now why bakery cakes cost so much money.
  • Git Ma Hair Did  I did spend some time on myself last week, so I’m feeling a little better about that.  I also had dinner by myself before cake class on Thursday and I have to say it was oddly liberating to be out alone.  I may have to do that again sometime.
  • Intentional Blogging  I have some great posts lined up on budgeting, healthier eating, home maintenance, and organizing so I’m feeling pretty good about what’s to come.  Plus The Frugal Girl linked to me last week and I had an explosive day of traffic!  So, if you’re a new follower, WELCOME!  I am so thankful for Kristen’s blog and her readers are just so wonderful.

Have you found that writing down your goals is beneficial?

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8 Responses to 2012 Goals Update | January Wrap Up

  1. I don’t set goals, that way I’m not disappointed in myself

  2. Carla says:

    LOVE the cake! It’s beautiful! :) I do write down my goals & post for the world to see! I did pretty good on my goals last month…hit 5/6… one of them was adding $1K to our EF, so I’m quite proud of that!! :)

  3. Holly says:

    I love the cake! I think it turned out really well and I like the colours you chose! :)

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  5. […] Matt and I had discussed using some of our savings to speed up the debt snowball last month so all we were waiting for was our tax refund to make the final payment.  So when we received that yesterday, I figured what was the point of waiting til the end of the month?  So after our monthly payment of $750 in January, I made a final payment of $3602.55 yesterday and paid. that. sucker. off! […]